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Product - 4001/188

Product details and instructions for use

Five-fingered, leather, protective gloves with PVC cuff.

- Size:

    4001 - size 10; 4001/4002 size 8

    Back – pressed cowhide, registration No.: 2l/6K/03
Palm – pressed cowhide, registration No.: 2l/6K/03
Fingers and thumb – pressed cowhide, registration No.: 2L/6K/03
Cuff – PVC leatherette
Thread – BENERA 250x1x3, number of stitches in 1cm = 4

 The product is designed as a hand protection for use in dry

- Maintenance:
  Clean with a damp cloth. Dry damp gloves by hanging in room
otherwise mould may occur. Keep the gloves away
    from direct heat to avoid

exorbitant shrinking of the material. Not suitable for dry cleaning.

Storing instructions:
Store at a temperature 5-25 °C and 60-70% humidity.

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